Frank’s Published Books


   I have written three books which are available for sale:

Creating a More Peaceful, Happy and Successful Life!”  Printed 2013.................$32.00


In Creating a More Peaceful, Happy and Successful Life! Frank shares deep insights discovered along his personal life journey that are not only inspirational and motivational, but practical, serving as a roadmap to help guide us through the mountains and valleys we all encounter in out daily lives. I’m happy to say I have an ‘attitude of gratitude’ for his book!”... Kathy Litchfield, Marketing consultant, Gill, Massachusetts

   “This book should be in every home! Not only can it be read by all, but it should be read by all! You have quoted a lot of known and less know persons and have described what you have learned from them. What I found most interesting is that this book is not only theory but solutions that you have found successful for you and others.

   Personally, I think I have a rather relaxed life with a wonderful family so when I read your book I thought I would compare the differences between the United States and Europe, however, I learned so much I am tempted to try several of your suggestions that have helped you to a better and happier life!” ... Flemming Kokholm, Aalborg, Denmark

  "Frank Crandall has made a life's work out of being one with the natural landscape, and he extends the benefits of that sensibility into a book that hums with peace." ... Tracey Minkin, GoLocalProv, Writer and Editor, Providence, RI

“Lessons From the Landscape: My Path to Business Success and Personal Fulfillment” Printed 2005.................$19.95


“ A must read for anyone in, or thinking about, a small business...and a lot cheaper than pursuing an M.B.A.”  Rudi Hempe, Retired newspaper editor, URI Hall of Fame Master Gardener

  “ All who work in the Green Industry or who are thinking of starting a horticulture business should read this conversational, easy-to-read and well referenced book.”  Brian Maynard, Ph.D, Professor of Horticulture, University of Rhode Island

  “ This wise and practical book is a must read for anyone considering the launch of a new business in horticulture or, indeed, in any other line of work. Full of winning strategies and proven management techniques...shows how you can build a successful business.”  Marion Gold, Ph.D, Director of URI CE Education Center, NBC’s “Plant Pro”

“The Essential Horticultural Business Handbook: Proven techniques, forms and resources to make your small business more focused, organized...and profitable!”  Published 2011................$29.95


  “ This comprehensive book will be of tremendous value to everyone in the landscape business, from the fledging start-up to the long established company. Frank Crandall draws upon his many years of experience in the field to provide practical advice, ideas, and inspiration for all aspects of the landscape business.”  Marion Gold, Ph.D., Director, Outreach Center; Co-Director, URI Energy Center, University of Rhode Island

  “ This is not just a how-to-succeed book; it is a painstakingly detailed yet easy-to-read reference guide to how to make it in the challenging but rewarding field of horticulture. Based on his own experience and experts in related fields, Frank explains every technique you’ll ever need to gain the edge to prosper...a ‘must-read’ for new or experienced horticultural entrepreneurs.”  Michael E. Nadeau, President & CEO, Plantscapes Organics, Inc.


In addition to the three books I have written and published I have created a color photo book of my favorite photos from various trips to Costa Rica, Guatemala, Chihuly Glass Exhibit, Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Maine and the Kinney Azalea Garden, Kingston, RI. This is Volume 1 of a series of photography books I plan to offer for sale to those who enjoy pictures from around the US and other countries...Please enjoy!

Books written and published by Frank Crandall

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